Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mk Teacher/Apples

I had a few requests for a teacher template so here it is and if you like apples then hey... I am killing two birds with one stone :)
Mk Teacher/Apples


Hilary Melick said...

thanks matie kay! i will use this template when i create my teacher blog-yippy!:):):)



I couldn't see where to email you?
can you make a little boy one. I'm expecting a little boy in may! A bunch of my friends are having babies also. We need a cute baby one! maybe a girl one and a boy one!! FUN FUN!!! thanks for all you do!! you rock!

Randi said...

Thanks for this template! I love it, and have just put it up on my blog!

**If you ever have problems with the HTML saying it is going to delete something it is probably a widget. So don't save it and email me what template you are using and what widget it says it is gong to delete and I'll add it to that template. I don't have the new widgets put in my old templates HTML and it's very easy to fix if you'll just email me at matiekay@gmail.com (A widget is a gadget you put on your side bar like your family links or like the new subscription links etc...)**