Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snowflake (Blue)

I have a had a couple people complain about the Snowflakes (blue) and don't know what the problem is. I have tried it on my own blog just today and had no problems. So those that have left me comments or emails about it please email what problem you are experiencing so that I can help you out. Thanks


Kincaid Family said...

Hey, I just tried to download this and I never saved it so I am still ok, but it didn't carry over my friends and that a wiget problem?

**If you ever have problems with the HTML saying it is going to delete something it is probably a widget. So don't save it and email me what template you are using and what widget it says it is gong to delete and I'll add it to that template. I don't have the new widgets put in my old templates HTML and it's very easy to fix if you'll just email me at (A widget is a gadget you put on your side bar like your family links or like the new subscription links etc...)**