Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Spring stripes
Spring Stripes and Dots
Spring Stripes and Dots 2


Kasey said...

These are super cute!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Wow-You are super talented! I have three kids too--7,4,2 and I can't even imaginedoing all the creative things you have going on!!
I found your link for template credit on a blog I read. I'm so excited to get one for myself!! Thanks for making them free. That is awesome!

Lisa in NC

Pete, Michelle, and Missy Leigh said...

yay! love them! as soon as st. patty's is over, it's all about spring stripes!

Carpenter said...

I love your backgrounds, thank you thank you!! Hope to see more coming!

Nick said...

Thanks so much for the new templates! I love your templates and they look adorable on my blogs!!! Thanks Matie Kay!

Rick, Debi, and Loni said...

Thank you so much for making templates for us people who don't know what they are doing! I love all of yours and am passing on your link to all my friends! D

**If you ever have problems with the HTML saying it is going to delete something it is probably a widget. So don't save it and email me what template you are using and what widget it says it is gong to delete and I'll add it to that template. I don't have the new widgets put in my old templates HTML and it's very easy to fix if you'll just email me at (A widget is a gadget you put on your side bar like your family links or like the new subscription links etc...)**